Your Best Season Ever!


Individualized coaching for inspired athletes

Multisport $149/mo  |  Single sport $119/mo

  • Evaluation and data analysis of past training
  • Testing and setting up of individual training zones
  • Collaborate to develop goals
  • Weekly update of the following cycling metrics:
    • TTE – Time to Exhaustion
    • FTP – Functional Threshold Power
    • Stamina
    • Anaerobic capacity
    • Pmax
    • CTL – Chronic Training Level
    • ATL – Acute Training Level
    • TSB – Training Stress Balance
  • Unlimited communication via email, text, phone, and/or Skype
  • Coach paid Premium account
  • Workouts are sent in one-week blocks
  • Detailed, fluid plan tailored to your goals and life
  • Coach feedback on key workouts
  • Cycling powermeter recommended
  • No setup fee – pay quarterly

Multisport training plans $69/mo  |  Single sport training plans $49/mo

  • Initial consultation to determine goals and athletic background
  • Custom training plan developed and loaded into athlete’s account
  • Training plan is developed in 3-month blocks
  • Athlete consults with coach each quarter and next 3-month block is developed and delivered
  • No setup fee – pay quarterly


TrainingPeaks Software